About Queenstown

Queenstown’s reputation as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ is well earned. This is a place where it’s possible to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite for adventure!

From bungy jumping to jet boating, white water rafting to tandem skydiving, Queenstown is a place that offers visitors the chance to really challenge themselves in a fun, safe and invigorating environment. Reaching your full potential, and in some cases actually exceeding it, is what makes Queenstown such an exciting place to visit.

The spectacular geography of the region is what creates the special atmosphere and unique setting that has made this town famous the world over. Visitors from North America have been known to refer to it as a ‘Natural Theme Park’ such are the seemingly endless array of adventure and leisure activity options to chose from.

Where else in the world can you find mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, hiking trails and historic sites all within a short distance of each other. It’s this compactness which makes Queenstown so attractive enabling visitors to do so much in such a short space of time.

Everywhere you look there’s something happening. Skydivers floating gently to the ground, helicopters giving visitors a taste of the view from above, jetboats being carefully maneuvered at high speed through the mighty river canyons and people enjoying every minute of their stay.

Waking up each morning in this adventure paradise at the bottom of the world confronts you with that most difficult of choices … what to leave out of your day’s itinerary! There’s just too much on offer to undertake in an average stay … which of course gives you just the excuse you need to come back!

When you visit Queenstown you’ll understand what we really mean by adventure!

You can find out more about Queenstown by visiting the official Queenstown Web Site

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