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Tandem Skydive from 15,000ft above Queenstown – EMBRACE THE FEAR


The first skydive is a scary thing. BE BRAVE. Even if you’re not, pretend to be, no one can tell the difference. Choose your skydive altitude from 15,000ft, 12,000ft or 9,000ft over Queenstown and get ready to embrace the fear.

It takes a certain kind of person to skydive from 15,000ft. It takes courage. You step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you freefall at 200km/hour. The personal challenge is immense!

Tandem Skydiving in Queenstown since 1990, NZONE Skydive was New Zealand’s first Tandem Skydive operation and is the only one to have won New Zealand’s Supreme Tourism Award. With the largest skydiving plane capacity in New Zealand and having jumped over 250,000 customers to-date, New Zealand’s most experienced Tandem Skydive company is where your challenge awaits!

Queenstown Skydive Dropzone

NZONE’s world-leading skydive dropzone is located 20 minutes from central Queenstown in a rural tranquil environment. New refurbishments to the central Queenstown shop and dropzone have greatly improved NZONE’s customer and spectator experience. New stadium-style seating in a larger presentation room have allowed for a more comfortable briefing before leaving town on courtesy coaches to the Dropzone.

Dropzone changes include a refurbishment of the customer café and customer reception which is now double in size; plus free wi-fi. The café now contains six internet computers where customers can share their experience straight away with their social media friends. The new customer reception area has been transformed into a Discovery Zone with educational videos and a viewing area for the parachute packing process. Take a walk through the history of parachuting, the make-up of the equipment used and how the freefall camera systems work.

NZ’s largest skydiving capacity

NZONE Skydive now own two of the largest commercial skydiving planes available for skydiving, creating the largest tandem skydiving capacity in New Zealand. The two Supervan 900 aircraft can carry up to nine tandem jumpers, allowing groups of friends and families to stay together for their once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are also more fuel-efficient so that the carbon footprint per person is reduced.

Have a look inside the skydiving plane.

Skydiving photos and video – get your adrenaline shots!

Such a significant chapter of your life should not go unrecorded, make your skydive experience last a lifetime. Take home the most comprehensive skydive photo & video pack in New Zealand. Yours to take away on the day; relive and share your experience – YOU DID IT!

Photos are taken by a freefall photographer who will skydive alongside you with a camera & video on their skydive helmet.

Photo & Video packs contain:

  • USB video of entire experience
  • HD video file
  • USB of high resolution photos

Achievement doesn’t come sweeter!


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