Queenstown Food and Wine

Date: 22nd February 2013

Queenstown Food and Wine – What’s not to love?

A Queenstown food and wine  experience gives visitors and locals a superb range of culinary choices complemented by the world class selection of vineyards.  As New Zealand’s southern most wine region, the schist rock and loamy soils combined with a low rainfall and arid summer months gives winemakers a unique point of difference to their vintages.

Queenstown food and wineLike others in New Zealand, the pinot noir pioneers in the Central Otago region were often considered hobbyists when they first planted the  grape considered to be one of the industries most complex variety.   The first to see the potential and plant some vines was, unsurprisingly, a Frenchman, Jean Desire Feraud, who arrived in the area during the 1860’s goldrush.   Once the goldrush finished however it wasn’t until the 1990’s when commercial vineyards became a substantial part of the Queenstown landscape.  Now 30 years later with numerous global awards to their name,  vineyards such as  Gibbston Valley, Amisfield , Chard Farm,  Peregrine, Waitiri Creek and Felton Road  are established heavy hitters on the international scene and provide a fantastic scenic environment to sample their vintages.

It’s said that good food follows good wine and the number of restaurants  in the vineyards in the area ensure a Queenstown food and wine experience will not disappoint. will attest to the quality of produce and a range of cooking styles.

A variety of different cuisines, innovative chefs, and the international flavour of the resort town  combine with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a desire to showcase Queenstown.

The result for gourmets seeking a fantastic  Queenstown food and wine experience?  Restaurants such as Arrowtown’s Saffron, the boutique lodge kitchens like Blanket Bay and the wine matched menus found at vineyard restaurants based around their world class vintages and seasonal offerings.

Add to that the Queenstown adventure environment of jetboating, tandem skydiving,  bungy  jumping and whitewater rafting and your visit will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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