NZONE Tandem Skydive Queenstown

Date: 16th January 2013

NZONE Tandem Skydive Queenstown – Face the Fear and Do It Anyway

A stunning view of the Queenstown basin surrounded by the Southern Alps along with the rush of a tandem skydive with 60 seconds of freefall from 15,000 await NZONE Tandem Skydive Queenstown passengers.

NZONE Tandem Skydive QueenstownStarted in 1990, and the first skydive company to be Qualmark certified for safety, over 200,000 passengers have since enjoyed the thrill of a tandem with NZONE Skydive.

With some of the most experienced staff in the industry and an ongoing commitment to safety a jump with NZONE Tandem Skydive Queenstown will literally be the highlight of your visit to Queenstown.  “Altitude for your descent, Attitude for our ascent,” is the mission statement for this iconic company.

NZONE Skydive  tandem skydive Queenstown has  a relaxed professional approach and constant reinvestment back into the company with its own purpose built facilities, three turbine aircraft and a vigorous equipment replacement programme.

NZONE Skydive now own two of the largest commercial skydiving planes available for skydiving, creating the largest tandem skydiving capacity in New Zealand. The two Supervan 900 aircraft can carry up to nine tandem jumpers, allowing groups of friends and families to stay together for their once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are also more fuel-efficient so that the carbon footprint per person is reduced.

New refurbishments to the central Queenstown shop and dropzone have greatly improved NZONE Skydive’s customer and spectator experience. New stadium-style seating in a larger presentation room have allowed for a more comfortable briefing before leaving town on courtesy coaches to the Dropzone. The Dropzone is located 20 minutes from central Queenstown in a rural tranquil environment

Their 22 years of operation have been rewarded with numerous tourism awards and hundreds of testimonials from those who faced their fears and took the plunge anyway.

Because of NZONE Tandem Skydive Queenstown is the birthplace of tandem skydiving in New Zealand and the company is constantly looking at ways to improve the customer experience without compromising their high standards.

The sky is no limit! Contact NZONE Skydive for a leap of faith that will change your life.


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