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Bungy Jumping is as Kiwi as jandals, The All Blacks and sheep! This extreme adrenaline activity started as a humble 43m jump off the Kawarau Bridge here in Queenstown back in 1988, now, it is a Worldwide phenomenon!

Bungy Jumpers are enticed by the personal challenge of overcoming their fears and the guaranteed adrenaline rush you get when standing on the edge. AJ Hackett Bungy NZ is a brand that is synonymous with Bungy Jumping, safety, innovation and fun. We offer you that legal high you crave when visiting the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown.

During the 1980’s A.J. Hackett developed a safe standard method of jumping so people could have lots of fun, yet feel totally safe. After a number of test jumps (including the Eiffel Tower), A.J. introduced Bungy Jumping in New Zealand, and it’s here to stay.

There are 7 unique activities you can choose from in Queenstown:

If you’ve heard of Bungy, then you’ve heard of the Kawarau Bridge. Home to the world’s first and most famous of leaps and located 43m above the Kawarau River you can Bungy forwards, backwards, by yourself or with a friend… it’s up to you. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is also the only Bungy in Queenstown that allows water-touches and tandem jumps. Located at the gateway to Queenstown, it’s an essential component of every tourist’s itinerary.

Includes: Certificate and Bungy Jumper T-Shirt (Free transport is also available, bookings essential).

KAWARAU ZIPRIDE (3X 130 metres lines)

The Kawarau Zipride is an innovative and exhilarating family activity that allows up to 6 people at once to Zip alongside the stunning Kawarau River. Kids from as young as 8 years of age can experience that rush of adrenaline in a safe but fun way. Our Zipride is totally unique and needs to be experienced to understand that there is more than one way to test your limits! Reach speeds of up to 60kph as you zip along as Superman or Batman, whilst racing your friends and family! Guaranteed fun for everyone.

NEVIS BUNGY (134 metres)
If you want to do the highest, here it is; 134 metres (440 feet) above the rugged Nevis River.

With 8.5 seconds of falling it’s a breathtaking ground rush like no other. Come stand on the edge and face your fear with what is for many one of the greatest personal challenges of their life. Make no mistake, the Nevis Bungy is not for the nervous or faint hearted.

Even just getting here is an adventure in itself, with a 35 minute ride including 4-wheel-driving through a high country sheep station. The whole experience is made complete by climbing aboard a cable car for a breath-taking trip out to the Bungy Pod. It’s here you’ll face the Nevis, and the opportunity to Go Big, or Go Home.

Includes: Transport, Certificate and Bungy Jumper T-Shirt.

NEVIS CATAPULT (World’s Biggest Catapult)
Ride the world’s biggest human catapult – the Nevis Catapult.

Embrace your inner superhero and take flight as you are propelled 150m (492ft) out across the Nevis Valley, soaring through the air at exhilarating speed – with up to 3Gs of force – followed by a thrilling rebound that guarantees an adrenaline rush like no other. This one-of-a-kind high speed ride is fast and fantastically fun and will have you screaming out for more!

Includes: Transport, Certificate and Catapult Sunglasses

NEVIS SWING (NZ’s Biggest Swing)
There’s only one word to describe this swing – EPIC!

Start your experience by walking across a 70m suspension bridge to the Launch Pad where you will be suspended high above the valley floor and then released… Experience a massive rush of adrenaline as you find yourself swinging down to the valley floor in an epic 300m arc and before you know it you are swooping towards the oncoming cliff face. A truly unique experience that everyone will enjoy! Brave it alone or take a friend for a tandem swing!

Includes: Transport, Certificate and Trucker Cap.

LEDGE BUNGY (47 metres)
Based right in the heart of Queenstown, the Ledge Bungy is guaranteed to take your breath away. It’s a personal challenge like no other and with more Bungy choices than ever before it’s an awesome adrenalin hit! The Ledge Bungy is our only site which offers the option for you to ‘freestyle’ it, so if you fancy something a bit different to plummeting head first towards the ground, you can twist, flip, spin, dive… or whatever. The options are pretty much endless.

Ride the gondola to the Skyline Complex to discover our spectacular location 400m above Queenstown. Take in the stunning views then face your fear at the world’s most scenic bungy site.

As New Zealand’s only night operating Bungy you can also choose to plummet into darkness during Winter, with your only reference point being the glittering lights of Queenstown far below.

Includes: Certificate and Bungy Jumper T-Shirt

LEDGE SWING (400m Above Queenstown)
Want to swing 400 metres above Queenstown? Then come to the Ledge Sky Swing based right in the heart of Queenstown. Ride the scenic gondola to our purpose built location and enjoy the best views in Queenstown as you are harnessed in.

Find yourself hanging over Queenstown, before pulling the quick release cord and setting the action in motion. That’s right, you release yourself! Just as your brain convinces you the fall will never stop, you begin arching out 400 metres over Queenstown.

The Ledge Sky Swing is the only swing in New Zealand operating at night but it might pay to leave dinner for afterwards.

Includes: Certificate and Trucker Cap.


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